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For 25 years, the IRC and infraWise group of companies have provided Service Management solutions to some of the largest organizations in the world, across all market sectors and government agencies.

Selecting a Service Management product is a strategic customer decision. Whether it is incident, problem, service desk, change, configuration (CMDB), request, service level (SLA), release, client, financial, process/business workflow, or human resource (HR) management, infraWise has the experience, reputation, pedigree, and state of the art tools to assist organizations and government agencies in their quest. Whatever the challenges may be.

IRC Software runs on IBM’s™ Information Management™ (‘InfoMan’) platform.

The credentials speak for themselves:

For IRC software support, please refer to the support contact page.

For InfoMan and IRC consulting services, including 24x7 support insurance, please refer to "Our InfoMan System is Sleeping, It is Not Dead".

To find out more about IRC software and optionally upgrading InfoMan/IRC to ITIL-compliant iWise software, please visit the main group portal on www.infrawise.com.

And please don’t forget to refer to some impressive IRC/infraWise success stories!!

* The total installations timeline of 10 and 20 years is calculated as of January 2013

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